Antwerp Shopping Haul

Last Thursday me and my best friend went shopping in Antwerp. It was kind of a spontaneous shopping trip. We planned on going to London but had to cancel unfortunately…so Antwerp was a good second. Out of the country yet just an hour train ride away.

The first stop we made was at the Body Shop. Ever since high school I have been using their White Musk eau de toilette or perfume but I decided to get a different White Musk product this time …. Wait for it… Wait for it… The White Musk Fragrance Mist!!!!
Since I gave my last bottle of WM perfume to my best friend last year I found myself not really missing it. I have grown up I guess and started to appreciate other fragrances too. But just for old times sake I bought the fragrance mist. It’ll be nice on days I don’t really want to wear perfume but still want to smell good. I also really liked the smell of their White Musk Sun Glow body puree which is a limited edition. Didn’t really like the smell of the Sun Glow perfume that much….so I ended up buying just the puree (and the mist of course).

20130701-195352.jpgWhite Musk Sun Glow body puree 250ml (8.4 fl oz) – €6,00 on sale
White Musk fragrance mist 100ml (3.3 fl oz) – €14,50

Then we realized it was time for lunch (and were craving sushi) but we couldn’t find a good sushi-restaurant. So we ended up at Wagamama in the UGC theatre. First off i ordered a glass of Carrot Juice (with a dash of ginger root)…..biggest mistake E-VER!!! It was disgusting. And i am a big Ginger person!!!!
After that I got myself an order of Gyoza (five steamed and grilled chicken dumplings filled with cabbage, chinese leaf, chinese chives and water chestnuts. Served with a chilli, garlic and soy dipping sauce) and Ebi Gyoza (five deep-fried dumplings filled with chopped king prawns, water chestnuts and spinach. Served with a chilli, garlic and coriander dipping sauce).
I didn’t like the Ebi Gyoza that much because they were fried. I guess I just like the steamed Gyoza the best.
Bestie got herself a bowl of yummy Chicken Karen Lomen (ramen noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup topped with grilled chicken, beansprouts and cucumber. garnished with coriander and lime). I was kinda bummed out I didn’t really have an appetite or I had ordered a bowl of this goodness too….

So now that we had filled our bellies with good food and regained a much need energy level to continue our shopping spree, we were off to River Island. It’s one of those stores you just cannot walk past without going in. So we did… I immediately saw this amazing bag I just had to have!!! It was like meeting the one!!! I also got a gold tone chucky curb chain bracelet.
Cream Tassel Bucket Bag €55,00

After this amazing splurge we headed to Forever21. We had been dying to go there since we don’t have one in The Netherlands. We both got introduced to this store in the US and fell in love with it immediately.
Because I already have a lot of clothes hanging in my closet I didn’t see anything I didn’t have yet. I have a lot of hi-lo sleeveless blouses and guess what…. That’s exactly what they’re selling A LOT of this season. So the only thing I found was a long sleeve denim/camo blouse with gold studs.
Denim blouse – €26,75
Gold tone chunky curb chain bracelet (River Island) – €8,00

The next thing I bought was totally unexpected and didn’t plan on spending that much on shoes today. We ended up seeing a Steve Madden store across the street from Forever21 and we just had to go in.
Okay now let me tell you… Last year I fell in love with a pair of biker boots but they didn’t have them in my size anymore. I looked EVERYWHERE for months and months but never found them in my size. So when I saw them at the Steve Madden store in Antwerp it was like a sign…. I just HAD TO buy them and give them the good home and love they deserve!!!
And I couldn’t be more happy with them … I really ♡ my Steve Madden Banddit biker boots with all my heart!!!
Steve Madden Banddit biker Boots – €159,95

The last shop I treated myself to some much wanted things was the M.A.C. store. At fist I couldn’t find it but when I finally got there I felt like I was in heaven. I ended up buying 3 things. First I needed a good contouring powder and the sales lady recommended the Harmony powder blush. I actually really like it because when she tried the product on my skin it turned out to be the perfect contouring color for my skin tone.
I also picked up the Ricepaper eyeshadow. I have heard many gurus rave about this shadow. According to them it has many purposes and I can’t wait to try this product out and see if I will like it just as must.
The last thing I bought at the M.A.C. store is a Saint Germain lipstick. I went to the store knowing I wanted to buy a new lipstick but didn’t know what color yet. When I looked at the lipstick display my eyes immediately were drawn to this bright Barbie pink color. I didn’t want to give in so fast so I tried swatches of other ones but ended up buying Saint Germain anyway. 🙂
M.A.C. Ricepaper eyeshadow – €17,00
M.A.C. Harmony powder blush – €21,00
M.A.C. Saint Germain lipstick – € 18,50

Have you ever been to Antwerp? Which stores did you like? And which didn’t you like so much?

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