Manicure Monday: O.P.I. – Banana Bandanna

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Hello my lovelies!!!

It’s Monday again!!!!! And you know what that means right?! It’s time for a manicure!!!!!
And in dedication to last week’s sunny weather I painted my nails……you guessed it….YELLOW!!!
This happy, yellow polish is by O.P.I. and is called Banana Bandanna.


I had to put on three coats and finished with a top coat. That made that it took a little while for my nails to dry but overall I am very pleased with the results!


As usual I am very happy about how long O.P.I stays on your nails without chipping off. I painted my nails last Thursday evening and today on day 4 they still look good!!! And that means that I can enjoy it just a little while longer!!!
Let the new week begin … I’m ready!!


Doesn’t this beautiful color remind you of sunny weather and makes you want to go on vacation?!


What do you guys think of this color? Would you buy/try this yourself? I would love to see your creations with this color (or another color  🙂 ), so please … feel free to share pictures with your girl!!! 😉
I wish you all an amazing week with even more amazing nails (…don’t forget to share…)!!!

Happy painting, lovelies!!!






Special Offer on Revlon Nail Polish on BeautyMART

One thought on “Manicure Monday: O.P.I. – Banana Bandanna

  1. I really love this color. But whenever I wear yellow tones my skin looks quite sickly. If anyone knows about a yellow polish that works with pale/cold skin tones I’d love to hear about it. xx


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