OMG!! This is the best latte art… EVER!!!



After seeing this Instagram account you’ll run to the nearest coffee house to order your favorite latte and demand they do the best latte art on it as well!!If you like coffee, you’re going to LOVE this Instagram account. It’s full of pictures of the most original latte art that you’ve ever come across.

The Instagrammer has exceptional skills and knows how to create a colorful masterpiece. It’s so awesome that the account already has nearly 11,000 followers. And I can understand why! As a major coffee addict myself I immediately wanted to take a trip to wherever it a they are located. And I really don’t care where that is! Even if I have to swim across the ocean… I WILL DO IT!!!






So if you thought you’d seen it all… Well, think again because these latte art creations are LIFE!


What do you think of these latte art masterpieces?





Image source


5 thoughts on “OMG!! This is the best latte art… EVER!!!

  1. Mason Salisbury works at Sambalatte in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas. Sambalatte Torrefazione has 3 shops, and along with his many responsibilities, Mason trains all of the new baristas (including my 16 year old son!)

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